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A delicious Christmas - A delicious Christmas

chili chocolates / chocolate fire

May I wish you all a most wonderful Christmas and New Year of exciting. Thank you for all your visits and friendly comments, your help and encouragment. To make your Christmas  a little more delicious if you wish I am sharing with you my recipe for Chili Chocolates. They are an alltime favourite in my family and very easy to make (even in the last minute). And they make a wonderful present for friends and family. Be careful however with the chili depending on who you give it to.

This dish is taking part in this month's " Monthly Mingle " project called " Chocolate Extravaganza". If you have the time and would like to find out some more chocolate recipes go on and visit Ria's Collection who is hosting this month's " Monthly Mingle ".

Chili Chocolates


125 g Dark chocolate 35%
125 g Dark chocolate 60% 
100 g whipping cream
Chili powder to taste
about 250 g melted chocolate for coating
some red peppercorns for garnishing


Melt both chocolates (the 35% and the 60% one) in boiling almost boiling cream. Add chili powder to taste. Pour the chocolate/cream mixture either into a square cooking tin lined with cling film or use silicone ice cube trays. Leave to cool over night. Then cut the cocolate into squares or triangles. Leave to cool down again for 20 Minutes at a cool place. Melt coating chocolate and coat the pieces. Decorate with red pepper corns (or coconut flakes or chocolate chips, sugar or pearls, etc.). Leave in a dry and cool place until you want to serve them. Enjoy them.

A merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year beginning, I would like to wish you. Thank you for your visits, your kind comments, your support and encouragement. Order your Christmas to make something delicious (if you want that) I will tell you here of a favorite recipe of my family: chocolate chocolate with chili. They are simply produce and can be given away beautifully, even at the last minute. Only you have to deal with the chili a little wary depending on who you give it. Let it taste you.

With this recipe I take on a project to " Ria's collection " part, called "Chocolate Extravaganza," which to Meetas "Monthly Mingle " heard. If you are interested in chocolate and want to see very many new recipes, you must visit Ria or of course the "Monthly Mingle " page if you have more issues to cooking and baking . Interested

chocolate fire

Z utaten:

125 g of fine milk chocolate 35%
125 g dark chocolate 60%
100 g whipped cream
some chili powder to taste
125 g dark chocolate and whole milk chocolate coating
red peppercorns to garnish


two chocolates melt in chopped boiled cream. Season with chili. Pour into a mold lined with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. Mass of the shape of fall and cut into squares or triangles. Cool for 20 minutes. Melt chocolate and chocolate pieces to coat. With pink peppercorns Garnish or other niceties. Keep cool until consumption.


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