Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Famous Pieces Of Jewelry


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Last weekend I took a day trip to the Scheldt. When I woke up in the morning, it was snowing outside the window at me so hard that I immediately turned around again. Two hours later, I was then spanked the sun awakened and I'm still broken - and it was worth it. The half hour from The Hague to deal with the train comfortably, especially if you captivated by Stieg Larsson is.

I can pretty town, which is as famous for diamonds as for fashion only empfehlen.Sehenswert, both the old town, and the Judenvirtel which is among the largest Jewish community in Europe. As always here, when the weather makes everything twice as much fun. I only weigh
said a few hours was there, and I have, I will not deny, mostly engaged in business and have, I visited no philistine Museeum. But I know for certain, I will come back again soon - not only because of the giant Urban Outfitters ...


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