Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Lovely Bag

Although I have a really great handbag that I have been almost exactly one year carry along almost anywhere, but last week saw I at a friend of Adam a real nice big leather bag, where in it I myself felt to carry in hand luggage could. As is always the case, ma has just Christmas and birthday behind him, was constantly with the "what you wish for actually" - Perforated question to now declare that we have now a great idea.
My desire, a bag of Cowboysbag .

Well, even if I do without this month and other Modekram into a new one - invest no for the record, in a Weekender would that for my upcoming short trips to Brussels, again Amsterdam and of course home to Hamburg, so we say vital, but it would be jewelry, I would have to decide.

My favorite:



I should love to take black or brown? My other bag is a black leather bag with silver hardware. Black suits, always. But Weekender are in my world always brown, for whatever reason ...
Who can help me?


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