Friday, January 7, 2011

Non Traditional Funny Wedding Invitation

The Sketch Book Project 2011 - Part 2

Yesterday I told you about the sketchbook project I am participating. Every participant has to fill a moleskin with art any which way we want. The only thing we can't do is alter the size of the moleskin. Naturally I wanted to show everything I have painted so far. From wet-in-wet to portraits to flowers to sumi-e etc.etc.etc. This is not possible. Now I had to think about what I really like painting which is at this particular time of year - eggs. I like painting on eggs. A lot. Can't explain why but I do. At the time when a girlfriend told me to try and paint on eggs I thought she was being funny. Roma Fromme-Monsees is her name and she is a really good calligraphist. And does calligraphy on eggs too. So I tried and liked it. Ever since I am painting on eggs, real eggs of course never plastic ones. Here in Germany we have a lot of collectors and egg fairs. Anyway - I cannot stick eggs in my moleskin and filling it with photos of my art is not the point. So for each page I try to have the egg somewhere as part of the painting. See for yourself. Here is a collage of the next few pages.

My moleskin

Yesterday I told you about this Sketchbook Project . Each participant will receive a Moleskin and can or should fill it with his / her art. The only condition is that you do not change the size of the Moleskin allowed. Now of course I wanted all that I can squeeze into this little book. Can not. Beyond the scope. So I had to concentrate on one thing: in wet, wet, portraits, flowers, sumi-e, etc. etc. etc. After I am now fully again in the Easter scheduling, ie Eiermalplanung it was close but, my watercolors on egg to show. Incidentally, I had a girlfriend, Roma Fromme-Monsees on the egg-painting brought. When she suggested to me, but time to paint an egg for the first time I have not taken seriously. She is a wonderful calligrapher and calligraphy also putting eggs. I've tried it and then you'll see that what has become of it. Four months of the year are with me in the character of the egg. In Germany there are many collectors and accordingly many egg-Märkte.Jetzt course I can not stick to the eggs moleskin and photos of my painted eggs I was not so nice. So I was thinking for each side something that I can show that the respective Watercolor is for an egg. See for yourself Here is a collage of the following pages.


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