Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sharp Pain In Elbow When Touched

The Sketch Book Project: 2011

The deadline for this project ist January 15, 2011 and I have known about it since August 2010. I always do this and it hasn't changed this year either. I wait until the very last minute to finish whatever I have planned. And it works. For me, at least. So again with this wonderful project I am participating in. Artists from allover the world received a personalized moleskin to fill it with their artwork. My theme is "in 5 minutes". Very fitting I believe. I do watercolours and I like doing paintings freely, loose and quickly. I have to be very quick this time because I only started yesterday. Have already finished about half so I thought I can show you a little bit of what I did so far. If you are interested in the whole project please visit their site "The Sketch Book Project 2011" . If you'd like to visit my personal page there check here at "ArtHouseCo-op" . It would be very nice if you left me a comment there so I know you have visited. Now see if you like what I did so far and let me know what you think.

The deadline for this project is 15 January 2011 and I knew the date since August 2010. Also this year has not changed the fact that I tend to tackle everything at the last minute. Many, many artists from around the world participate in this action. All participants were given a moleskin, which is a small notebook that one with the to assemble their own art. You could choose among many topics and in 5 minutes "pastt very good to me. I paint watercolors and very free and easy. And very quickly I must be now, because I've only yesterday begun to paint in my moleskin. Ca. half I have done and I thought, now I could ever give you some insight. If you want to know about the whole action must visit the site "The Sketch Book Project 2011" . My personal page for participation can be found at "ArtHouseCo-op." It would be wonderful if you could visit me there and maybe even a comment leave, so I know that I had visitors. Now look what I've painted so far and tell me what you think.


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