Thursday, March 3, 2011

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In Review: NIVEA Cleansing Gel vs. AOK

Here I even get a sample of "MILD FOAMING WASH GEL NIVEA.
I've now tested and compared with my previous washing gel,

now it says "NIVEA vs AOK"

But now to test:

For years I have personally used AOK Pure Pure Balance skin from 20

Why I have not had the idea to try something different, I can not tell you too. Basically it's a good washing gel and I was and am so satisfied.

When I received one of the samples from the mild washing gel SPARKLING NIVEA
was of course tested immediately.

My test results: My previous washing gel of AOK is effective against impurities and maintains moisture, so it says on the box and I can also confirm. I like the smell, but with the consistency I'm in comparison with NIVEA no longer satisfied. Since I find the washing gel NIVEA better. When foaming, there are really no differences, both foam sufficient. The smell of Nivea is nice, something new. Now I will certainly further washing gel . Test


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