Friday, March 4, 2011

Little League Uniform Regulations

"The cocktail of the week" evokes memories of holidays! All good things come in threes

Today we fly to PERU PISCO SOUR drink and a
before midnight while I was already 6 years in Peru and a Pisco Sour drink I still like and remember the great holiday!

first time I show you the last bottle of Pisco original
The bottle I have now been 6 years on the label above 2004th Pisco brandy is a pure and I like it not at its best.

for a Pisco Sour, we need the following ingredients
Pisco, lemon juice, egg white, sugar and cinnamon

I have 2 cocktails for a protein added to the blender, then 8 cl Pisco and 8 oz lemon juice added and for about 4 teaspoons of sugar (best choice). Mix everything well with a few ice cubes at level 2.
Then, in a wine glass filled
And on top of it is still a trace of cinnamon
finished, remember and enjoy!


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