Saturday, February 5, 2011

Adut Baby Source Felicity

rabbit laundering

My rabbit has mites! Where? No idea. I keep them really clean, they live in their rooms hare me much free running around in the apartment. The rabbits toilets are cleaned every day, the carpet is vacuumed daily. The lying-documents are late as necessary. however, washing every 2 weeks. And brave they have mites. At least, only Elvis and Miss Marple. The other two are OK, according to veterinarian, but are treated. Maybe she introduced the little Miss Marple with when I've got the end of October from the shelter ..... In any case, I shall wash them with shampoo the neck, then rinse off. I have also been made, will I repeat not. Elvis was not amused .....

The two have forgiven me now, but I'm going to not wash your neck with the shampoo. Too much stress. The little Miss Marple was very good, and I was still busy with the dry licked. But Elvis .... foul was accurate. He grunted like a pig, and jumped like a Geisbock. After that the Lord was offended stock, which he has also demonstrated to me by he snuggled up in my bed. Moist rabbit in bed .... class!

And because the evil mistress has him at once drove out of the bedroom, his mood was now really on the zero point. He is back gehoppelt in his room, and it has not made themselves comfortable on the carpet, its base or in the hats-No, but in the rabbit toilet. ...

As I said, now everything is OK between us again. The drop, he also gets a day in his ear, and I like him very, very good. Am back to the vet tomorrow afternoon, which will forward the two little monsters certainly very much. And as a reward .... gibts then NEN grooo├čen Bergfeld salad

I wish you a nice, sunny Sunday too!


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