Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Wrinkles Caused By Botox

brush, the second

Because it was so beautiful, there again today Post a brush by me! I want you all to introduce, and what I use (if at all ...)

Ebelin (dm)
the left is a small, subtle eye shadow brush, soft. In the center of Powder Blush. Before the first wash it was great after that. The bristles are by now somewhat hard, wiry and kausig. So it was also the slanted blush brush. Whether this is always like that, or I've washed them wrong, I do not know. I used my normal shampoo, and use them to dry out overnight on a towel ...

here the other 4 of Ebelin. Far left, a very thin, fine brush, without any use. Thereafter, the eyebrow brush with beveled, harder bristles. I like very much. The 3rd is a lip brush. Even more of a bad buy. The bristles are hard, and they take irgendiwe not really paint .... Quite right eye shadow brush. Also in my opinion is not grad the bomb. The bristles are slick and tight, poor color recording.

Yes, I like applicators. Degrees for the eye shadow I come with a brush just does not always real deal. I've added myself twice because I so am so pleased. What I find especially useful that you can replace the applicator sponge.

Müller market
Unfortunately, I no longer remember the name, and it can no longer read on the brushes. But I'm from the miller, that's the house brand. And I love them both. The left is a fine eye shadow brush with soft bristles fixed to take very good color. This time I very much like me (actually always) the eyeshadow under the lower lashes. The right eye shadow brush. He, too, is soft, has great bristles. So I brush my base's on lid.

Alverde, Manhattan, Catrice
the Alverde eyeshadow brush I can highly recommended. With him, I come Eyeshadow technically super deal. Nice, soft bristles, which include super color. In the middle a eyeliner brush from Manhattan. No idea when and where I herhab the. But for my Essence Gel Eyeliner or Alverde gel eyeliner ideal. And right of the Powder Blush from Catrice "Urban Baroque" LE. Since I very rarely use powder, is it is for me a blusher brush. He has a lot of soft bristles and perfectly apply to the Rouge and to blind.

links the eyeliner brush from the "metallics" LE. With that I can not really make friends. In the middle of the Blush Brush from the standard range. I also find really great, very pleasant, soft bristles. I use it to highlight. Which reminds me grad, is in my dm not exactly the same in the range. Mine has gray bristle tips, which has the range (at least for me) pink bristles tips. Or am I mistaken??
right of the "Moonlight" LE brush. Super tightly bound, with a lot, soft bristles. If the powder is Euinsatz, then with him. But also for acquiring Rouge Shimmer Powder and I really liked him.

Elf Elf
From the moment I have five brush, but on my next order will definitely have what to do. Eleven white brush at all cost € 1.79, all black from the Studio Series € 4.49.
left a solid brush with harder bristles. This is my makeup brush. This allows each mask applied super, and he is clean then problemloß. Libeling my right: the Blush Brush. With him, everything is right, reached by the length to the shiny, soft bristles. It sucks the color to formally, and the blending is a breeze with him.

left eyebrow brush. He is a touch too soft as I like the better of Ebelin. In the center of the eye shadow brush. For € 1.79 highly recommended with its short, soft bristles. Laws, a lip or concealer brush, even a bad buy. hard bristles at the liability will simply not a product.

This is my "tool". As I said, I'm still brush beginners. We'll see how I set the Zoeva will be satisfied. And there is such a Artdeco Illuminating Powder Blush, for which I rumschleiche for days ..... Maybe ....

What brush you have, what is still recommended, which less?


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