Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Zoeva pigments

Hurrah, my Zoeva order arrived yesterday .....

The brush set I ask you the day before separately, and the eye shadow palette is one of my Mum. At Christmas, she got the Metallic Stones range from me, and is also very enthusiastic about it. And when she saw the Nude Shimmmer with me, they wanted to of course =) A review refers to the Nude Shimmer palette * you * here And only because of her I was ordered from Zoeva ..... and if you're already in the online shop ... The brush I want anyway for some time, and 3 pigments were then also with, for each € 3.80.

Green Room                          Lovestoned                         Wisteria

The swatches are no base! Right, the jade-green "Green Room". A faint glitter pigment with many small particles. Of which I am unfortunately disappointed. I was hoping for an equally frosty, shimmering finish .... In the middle of a basic sound in champagne, "Love Stoned". Nothing special, but very nice. Unr right, my personal favorites, and Kracher, "Wisteria". A great, beautiful Lila, the depending on the light has a touch of pink, which was not able to capture with my camera. The color is really the Burner! Werd me to conjure up another AMU so am very curious to see how I get along with the pigments. Until now I have only one Alverde pigment from the new range, which I've now used exactly once!
Do you like eye shadow pigments or better?


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