Friday, February 11, 2011

How To Fast Lvl In Pokemon Deluge

Me-Made -Month-February: Day 11

Day 11 You make micht ready! No, I'll throw the dress of yesterday were not in the bin - we promise! But it may yet be a rock, I do not know. Is definitely in my sewing room and waiting for an inspiration.
The frog is green skirt around there too and still zickt biƟchen.Der but is now ready, come what may - That would surely laugh, Ha!

Today I start with the jewelry. To see one of my favorite rings, but I do not wear often because it is unfortunately hanging everywhere.

And to all investors in Edie, a model from Kim Hargreaves. The yarn is not quite ideal for this, but he is very cuddly and I especially like the color.

The back ...

would I am beginning to professional, what the picture with regard to self-timer ... :-) Do I not apart from - ahem ....

And here, as always, the other to find


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