Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sorority Initiation Rape

eat sensible and animals eat

it still alive or eat you know? A self-experiment.
"The most pressing question at the beginning of my organic phase. If I can continue to drink Coke Light Of that I'm going out there anyway Cola Light exclusively of chemistry should Since the organic matter does not really.. first place. "
Karen Duve was not just the health group. Sausages, and gummy bears wandered in just as their shopping carts such as chocolate and curry ketchup in 1-L plastic bottles. But then she moved in with someone who quickly earned the nickname of Jiminy Cricket - after the personified conscience of the wooden puppet Pinocchio. For Jiminy cried when Karen Duve to the "pan Grill chicken for 2.99" handle. And Karen Duve had to admit that the life of the "BBQ Chicken Pan" before shock freezing was rather unpleasant. Thus gave itself the freezer quickly basic questions: Can we eat animals anyway?
And if animals, why plants? Where does the human empathy, and why? What are we willing to sacrifice out of respect for the fellow creatures? Or we can even create a personal Profit from it, to change our habits?
Karen Duve some point wanted to know really: two months since they tested diets with a moral claim: Bio-organic, vegan, vegetarian, and ultimately even frutarisch, so only that which gives the plant voluntarily. During this time she is dealing with the underlying world view - and provides with Jiminy Cricket, the inevitable verbal duels. wants to eat as they live on and on - until shortly before the publication of this book will make a life decision. Relentlessly and with their own bone-dry humor, they shall be beyond all ideologies dealing with the question: How much do I treat myself at the expense of others?

These are my two "new". Since I am currently very busy with a lot of animals and animal protection, I am now arrived at the subject of food. More specifically, "eating animals" on the subject. With factory farming, animal cruelty, mast and final stop slaughterhouse. The occasion to give me this Peta Video:

caution, not for the faint hearted !!!!!

for almost 3 weeks I am now living as a vegetarian, and these two books will help me to think differently. At the weekend I had my first vegetarian pizza with peppers and mushrooms. They tasted different but good. My friend will continue to eat meat, but different. In the future I'll buy it for anything from large scale production, but the small butcher around the corner. There, the animals come from farmers in the village to live and die with dignity. If you die at all can talk about it ... For me, the subject of meat is first through. " Sensible Eating " I just read, and Danch is " animals eat" it.


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