Thursday, February 10, 2011

How Does Abreeva Work?

Catrice shopping

The Blush was not my only purchase yesterday by Catrice .....

Catrice there with me in the area, unfortunately, only in a just 20km away Müller, so I ran sooo do not come often to the things. Reason enough, if I'm already there, to behold me other things more closely. And what about the cosmetic look is so, I'll always more than I need. Actually I do not need nothing more for many, many years .... But it is my hobby, so ... Hmm could this with:

Although I really, really rare a powder use, I've now taken it up. The visuals are of course great, and also on the skin can I make friends with the result .... well

without flash

with flash

Actually, I'm not the big pink carrier. But "Gilbert grapefruit" is different. A very frosty shimmering pink, pigmented super. And left her all mixed very little. Why? As a highlighter or above the Shimmer Blush Eyeshadow determined to make the quite well .....

without flash
with flash

The Mineral Blush in "Light Burgundy" I've also taken away. Although Blushes be taken out of the range (probably just to get a new packaging. I guess ...), and reduced in the next few weeks, I've become weak. I noticed before is still never does. A beautiful old rose, shimmering slightly. Am surprised and delighted. When Blushes are reduced, I'll be taking again one.

And yet the last to Kill Lashes mascara. I will test it until my current 2 inks are empty follows, but the review in any case. I'm very excited about the mascara, have on several blogs a lot positive read.


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