Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Balsa Wood Bridges 1/8 By 1/8

Kiko ... finally!

Unfortunately I have no KIKO nearby. Is there in Bavaria at all? I do not think so. Really bad. On so many blogs I read from Kiko. Especially with Talasia I'll always envy whom they purchase their great Kiko shows ...* also wants *. In the Forum my dear J. bereiet has agreed, to get me something from Kiko. A total of 3 times it is loƟgezogen to me to get two things. Again thank you so much at this point. And now I'm sooo happy, and I will show my treasures:

* Bling Bling Blush "05 Chilled Pink"
* Shimmer Powder "01 Rose & Violet"

Just the packaging is sooo great. Both products were reduced and a winter LE, as far as I've noticed. The Blush has cost € 7.50, the Shimmer Powder € 13.

Bling Bling Blush "05 Chilled Pink"

The Blush is packaged in a small cloth bag. What does not surprise me ... When I unpacked it, my heart has beaten the same times faster .... What a beautiful packaging

with an inside mirror, very elegant in shiny gold. And in the middle. The baked, Pink Blush

Hach, the blush is beautiful. It glitters do not shine but intense. It has a superb color output, nd is buttery soft. Right you see the normal Swatch, I left it softly blurred. I'm in love! If someone still in the Blush

2004 Stylish mandarin
see, or want to sell it, I'd love to have any!

Shimmer Powder "01 Rose & Violet"

of images. You can tell I am very impressed by the very good piece, eh? As you can see in the picture above, the powder is really great. There are 16g included. The box is curved, inside shine in gold look, with a mirror. The powder shimmers, sparkles, glitters and shines traumgaft beautiful. Really awesome. Now I am even more worse, that there are no children's wear. Not even in Munich! But I saw that the one (Italian) have online shop ..... Unfortunately, my Italian pretty bad, except for "pizza, pasta, Prego, grace and Gelati" I can not. =) Have

her what Kiko? Or you have a store nearby?


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