Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Juli Ashton Streaming

Discount Shopping

I habs done it again! A few days ago I told you from the Penny Market reports Rouge, and now I've discovered is also one in Aldi. Probably already passed 100 times and never turn observed. And because I Blush Penny-a great find, I have my Aldi Rouge also brought along more. There is even a tester, So you do not buy a pig in a poke .... The fun has cost € 2.99.

At Aldi there are 3 powder and rouge, with me it was the color "Sunset". The tester was really promising, but I did it first taken at the 3th attempt. You know, cosmetics from Aldi and so .... The Blush is a really beautiful, oval box. Equally important are the many, many fingerprints touch them.

In the box is a mirror, rouge and a Pinsel.Ich personally could have done without the brush, and I instead prefer more of the desired product ....

A beautiful, shimmering coral! I like the color really well. The blush is very soft, pigmented and relatively well. Who would have thought ....

In the picture I still have the KIKO Shimmer Powder on it with. And as Aldi often changed the assortment, I'll keep your eyes open .... The eyeshadow duos are quite nice, but I really have sooo many eyeshadows, so I've bought none. The rest (mascara, lipsticks and nail varnish) was of no interest to me. Currently there are more than promotional goods eyeliner and eyebrow pencils, bronzer, concealer, lip glosses and a Shimmer Brush. Was not as mine .... But the blush-so, I would do it again ....

Have you and "discount" Beauty under your guen Pieces?


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