Thursday, February 17, 2011

Whats Single Breasted And Double Breasted

Zoeva Bamboo Brush: The first impression

Today there are 2 parts. Review of Zoeva Bamboo brush. The set has cost Zoeva 22 €, and you'll find 12 brushes:

face Buffer, Powder, Foundation, Concealer, Fan
cheeks Rouge
eyes Eye Blender, Crease, Two shader, Eyeliner
lips: lip brush

The Zoeva says:
wellness for the Skin give these 12 selected Zoeva brushes that were hand made from bamboo stalks and super-soft Taklon bristles. They are perfect for sensitive skin and provide a perfect look with mineral make-up thanks to its travel-size format, the kit can be taken anywhere in the linen pouch, and is guaranteed to your favorite companion. vegan
nature awareness and

part 1. The first impression
Part 2: Brush in detail (coming tomorrow)

The set was rolled up in a small cloth bag with me.

The brushes are in a soft case that can be rolled up and the freedom to take or space-saving storage. The case is made of a coarse fabric that highlights the natural look of the brush. I would now say: A touch of eco ....

And these are the 12th In rank and file they put in their places, beautifully packaged .....

And this is then the whole: The first impression is really good, am looking forward fully over it. Since I'm up now is not the experts and users simply brush (up hope ...) I do not even know what I'm going to use for my new friends .... bristly

.... bristly with a very nasty word for this brush is =) They are very soft and feel really good. In addition, they are tightly bound, and are really great in the hand.

Each brush is burned in the company logo (or stamped? Printed?) For me looks burned out .... Yes, that is the company logo, and what they are used. For me as a real brush handy newcomer! In addition, each still stands on COLOUR. LOVE. MAKE UP. So the first impression is schonmal really great! Tomorrow I alternate them to you separately and in detail before .....

What are your favorite brush?


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