Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Garcia Mitchell Reel Value

Me-Made-Month-February: Day 8

Day 8 Today, more elegant in pencil skirt after an ancient Burda International and Behave a house designed by my sweater.
I love this sweater, the color, shape, he is cuddly without sweating it ...
I agree Allerleirauh what regards the number of visitors to my blog - incredible - many thanks!
In stella maria I found the idea great, small to glue fabric samples of things already sewn into a booklet and at the supermarket with you. When would still Wollbroben and the samples of the materials have not sewn to it. How many times have I bought a fabric or wool and thought that will match the pants to rock oden - Nope, green is not just green!

purpose, a beaded ring with me Rivoli (a lint from sweater has set aside)

Here you will find the other fellow


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