Saturday, February 12, 2011

How To Make A Model Farm

brush Parade

My brush storage was far away simply a mess. Honest. squeezed together in empty glasses in small vases or toothbrush cups they have almost only fit for a dreary life. This is now over ..... That sounds so, like a bad commercial =)
Until last summer, I've just owned a brush, so a small kabuki, the time was at a Max Factor mineral powder it. Was enough for me. For I take my AMU still primarily an applicator of the ARTDECO mineral series. By blogging, and discover the many other blogs, my stock has then increased gradually. So far I've limited myself to a drugstore brush by Essence, Ebelin, Alverde and Catrice. On my team in the fall I order me a few to buy. And yesterday I got me then at the Bamboo Zoeva ordered set, am very curious on it ....
Oh, and the brush storage. I was always looking, I'm in the dm, the make-up storage boxes seen in the Müller pins and storages. Even the hardware store I've browsed, which somehow never was real there. And yesterday when I Kik then this small light blue flower tray made of sheet metal seen. And at some point I once read something on some blog to brush storage, with decorative sand. He was available at Kik course too, so in order to checkout. € 1.49 for the tub, 1 € for the decorative gravel. And so does the whole construction by:

'm really happy with this solution. The brushes do not scratch, and remain standing. there is plenty of room, everything is clear and easily accessible. This morning I was again there and got the last 3 yet taken. One for the Zoeva brush, I'll take the other two for eye shadow palettes. In the house I then a dressing table where I can build everything nice ..... How do you keep

on your brush?


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