Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How Long Does It Take For Eye Dropd To Set In

New Blush for me .....

Have I bought two new Blushes I want to show you. In the pictures on the Internet I always think to myself: Wow, how beautiful, I must have .... As the two of them were there, I thought, OK, but not the screamer. And then ..... try the Achsi, the two are:

* NYX Blush Peach Blush
* SLEEK "Sunrise"
Because of my contest for the winner so I ordered a Sleek Blush, and I ordered another one. Since I had the three new special interest ( * click * ) and "Rose Gold" and "Pomegranate" under the Christmas tree were allowed to move in now and "Sunrise" with. At first glance, live and in color but it looks very, really very brown from the NYX Blush ..... I'm new to a beauty bought stock exchange. I coral, orange and peach shades Rouge degree in love, have I bought it. As it was with me, I thought: Oops, whole beautiful pink, good Peach. Whether I have is that?

And lo and behold! The NYX Blush (left) is indeed dull, but the color I like really good !!!!! Had I so at first not thought of. SLEEK and Blush is ..... brown. It shines golden light, and is certainly with a little practice, "blur". Like my other two Sleek Blushes it is pigmented incredibly well, which is great, but also degree in this dark color is not so easy. Finally, I will not even look like a clown .....


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