Friday, February 18, 2011

Urinary Infection In Men -causes

Me-Made-Month-February: Day 18

Day 18 It all makes me quite yet embarrassed by your comments ... :-)

Today is for me but something like winter again versa. It is freezing cold since yesterday with an icy wind - -15 ° C
perceived So, my real warm knitted winter dress dragged from the temple, remember a short pleated skirt under it (for the Nähliste - slightly thicker black jersey buy, knieleangen for a narrow Underneath Rock!) and my old boots dug out.
The stupid tights are too big and throws folds at the knees.

I was still choked a belt drum, but I think that's the good zuveil

A brooch made by me from a Japanese Faltblüte

and threaded earrings that I Years ago I actually genmacht times for my daughter. Since she never carries it sometimes I pug it

And as always, here it goes to the other ladies


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