Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Achtung Baby "

What did I laugh! gekullert Until the tears .... From a friend I got the new New Kids Meier Audio book, and I thought me first: I thank you .... Then have ego once loaded on my iPod, and has a look ....

. "Stardate 2008 logbook entry Captain Michl:" We had come as a couple in the hospital and left it as a family, "Mitter Meier - the next generation so to speak, Lilly is the new earth child with her daughter... board draw a dad Michael and mom Gudrun to the promised home in over 40 episodes of the well-known from TV comedian tells open and funny about how the couple before and after the birth of their cry neck was made -. from OB-checks to Midwifery Casting from the child's outfit and vernix Two-tooth smile to the mother's milk ejection and baby blues. If the expectant father enters a new and unknown world, breaking again and again by his old love for films. "No kids -. No trust" New Kids Meier shows how to live without children on the one hand and parents on the other hand on different planets. Because while are dry for everyday moms and dads drool attacks and Shit-checks, it hunts singles like expectant parents vollgeschlatzten shoulders and shitty diapers cold shiver down the spine. But do not worry: All the fun when the comedian is processing yard-long shopping lists, to survive hunger pangs of his wife and said, why can not you cheat a pregnancy. Fits to the following tip from master Mitter Meier to childless men, "You're ready, Father be, if you women only on his stomach and then look to the breasts."
At the end of the Milky Way, we know that Michl is not only a crazy joker, but also a great dad. In the logbook of his family spaceship holds the comedian from his own experience and the bottom of my heart: "Having a child who is the last great adventure of mankind." And no other book prepares the final frontier fun before Achtung Baby! ".

I'm not really the big Comedian fan, and stand-up comedies, I find great sowiso not. So I was not sure whether I wanted to listen to this gift. 've Done well the ego. To really rolling on the floor. Since about midwives Casting (.... I have no photo for you .....) over bathtubs buy (... since my daughter in the world, I love pink and rose is nothing to me ... to Pink) to switch back to diapers. I liked it really well, and I will determined me to listen more often. Again, many thanks to M., you hit my taste once again 100%.


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