Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Me-Made-Month-February: Day 9

Day 9 I'm totally excited that it has been so excited! !
The sweater from yesterday is actually created out of necessity, I once again had too little yarn and it was not the game. Of the petroleum and the green I had bought 2 each skein to try it. For a sweater that was enough, of course not and I had to find a third color. The first one I ordered, a door gravel, but flash is, around here - was not at all.
Knitted Raglan as he is from above, which makes customize to your own character very easily.
In Ingrid in the blog can browse their times, she has a very nice tutorial on the subject.

Today I'm wearing my tunic wind combined with a jersey skirt bought ("section is similar to the rock from the Ottobre Woman 5 / 2007). Because I am too cold always fast, nor a Shirt underneath and a cardigan over it. Through the Rock is the tunic extended to a dress and when I look at the whole ... I have to sew my clothes!

purpose, a beaded bracelet with matching ring from me.
This action, I come once again to comb through my jewelry and to wear too :-)

are here to find the other


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