Thursday, February 17, 2011

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Me-Made-Month-February: Day 17

Day 17: I'm so happy as Catherine, I did not even know if I manage it every day to show something else, without resort to summer clothes have. But, I think it's enough.
In the comments to yesterday's outfit, I had to smile a little. The Atribute "cheeky" and "self-consciously" be awarded to me before - but "sweet"?! I hear it more often ;-)
The pants I have to change the way again, the Tweed is after and they will hem a bit far.

Now to today. I wear my black pencil skirt with pockets, according to the the same section as the Greens was sewing. This Minimalist Cardigan where I am still a lock to install. Until then, have to serve a variety of brooches. Today is for once not by me, but a vintage part.
I like things in me that ¬ scapes and a casual elegance that I can take the rigor with accessories.

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