Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Preview: New Catrice LE Enter Wonderland

Preview No. 2 for today. Catrice presents the "Enter Wonderland LE, which is to purchase commercially available from March to May 2010. The design is sooo beautiful, and the name = first)

From March to May 2011 inspire intense, vibrant colors and noble platinum shimmer spark the imagination and the desire to make-up, trends and surprises. Today, mysterious, sophisticated tomorrow, and tomorrow ...? Enter Wonderland "by Catrice is exceptional, effective and always re adorable!

convinced this sophisticated combination of the three exceptional trendy colors grass green, deep blue and lavender -

highly pigmented eye shadow with platinum shimmer meets mysterious dark Glow for the Smoky Eye Effect Apply the ideal due to its velvety texture and blind can Powder. provide an idyllic moment in Wonderland C10 Wonderland Green Card, C20 and C30 Miracle Heaven Lavenderlicious to € 3.79

So soft, so easy to use and so professional in the result: The smooth-fine brush hairs with rounded ends allow for precise application of eye shadow any texture. Gently brush the blind crossings, making it ideal for all eye make-up trends, from playful and mysterious. To € 2.29 * .

soft and creamy texture melts the powder with the skin and creates a stunning addition to Glow an irresistible feeling of softness. For the surprising highlights and a seductive tone. Available in C10 Fairy Dust to € 3.99 *.

is bright and lively Catrice the look of the Spring: using the bright highlights, accents and skillfully turn any eye shadow into an eye-catcher. This simply apply the highlighter with platinum sheen on the eyeshadow. Available reward in C10 Fairy Dust, by 2.79 € *

How not of this world ... the extravagant Lashes to Surprise with its curved shape and the playful butterflies every admiring glance with a breathtaking wink. The new Wonderland look to perfection! *. Available for € 3.99

High color intensity, perfect gloss and durability for up to seven days - with just one application? Fancy glos class finish or better metallic effect? In Wonderland, anything is possible with Apple Frobidden C10, C20 Lavenderlicious, C30 and C40 Wonderland Green Card Miracle Heaven to € 2.49 *.

glamorous platinum-effects in combination with imaginative colors are Nailfashion the trend of the spring season 2011. The Wonderland Tip Painter created with its extra fine point tips and ornaments in exactly this ultra trendy platinum shade. Simply magical! C10 Wizard Available in gold to 2.49 € *.

What would be the wonderland without surprises? Here a mysterious eye-catcher, as a magic sparkle ... the shimmering metallic eyeliner provide a precise order and set the eyes effectively staged. Available in C10 and C20 Miracle Miracle Clouds Heaven to € 2.99 *.

A Kiss opens the door to Wonderland - but only if the lips very soft and glossig shine. The Sparkling Lip Gloss is the key, because it combines powerful color with medium intensity and living Shimmer. Experience it - enter Wonderland! Available in Apple Forbidden C10, C20 and C30 Snow White's Lips Alice's Hatter, to € 3.79 *.

Like much better than the Essence LE. Especially the two highlights I find great. Can not wait to hold them in your hands ....


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