Monday, February 28, 2011

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Made-Me-Month-February: hindsight

He was the Made-Me-month-February. Now it's all there again in a concentrated amount. So in summary, I will really clear which favorites have made out with me. I found the month very exciting and he has opened my eyes to some of my outfits. One or the other moves in the barrel or is determined in this combination is not presented again :-)
Shall I sometimes go through one by one? At the risk of one or the other to get bored ... as you must by now! No, not all like pictures .. I tell you my favorites in each series

first Row: Marlene jeans with yellow sweater
2nd row: black coat with three-colored sweater
3rd row: knee breeches, followed closely by the brown trouser Marlene
4th row: Yellow Jacket
5 th row: Black jacket with hat outfit

And what were your favorite?

I have many great new blogs to know me and your nice comments about how nice. I would be happy if one or the other a look back at my past - I will definitely keep an eye on some blogs ... ;-)

Dear Catherine, I thank you for the great idea of that action and would be in the summer there - if you want to do it again ... ???!!!




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