Friday, February 4, 2011

Help With Masterbation

Alverde Quattro second ....

Did I do it again Alverde bought a quad. After I was so positively surprised by my two from the "My Best Friend" LE, * click * I'm loƟgezogen again to me the quads from the standard range of times to look at. I must confess that I've previously done before. Funny, and that's where I've bought in the summer already a Alverde Duo and Trio eye shadow. But the combination of 4 for me was never interesting. Well, arrived in the dm, I, I razed to the test, and I've found:

I did for "42 Taupe Harmony decided. The "Chocolate" quad and I really liked, but I was on the colors of her warm because I have the "Taupe Harmony" fairly addressed. With me the "Mauve Sensation" Quad has fallen .... Links you see again a quad from the reduced "My best Friend" LE. As my Mum had Geburtsatg, and Rosa sooo like, I gave her a little something to the main gift (Joop "All About Eve") nor "Marek" bought the 4 eye shadow. Of which I unfortunately have no Swatch, but a great photo ....

This would also like me, they were presented only once. I hope she likes it! But back to my Quad:

daylight, with Bliz

daylight without flash
Again, the colors again matt, butter soft and give off a lot of color. Really great, I'm very impressed. If I had not thought of .... And the make-up stopped at my enthusiasm. Not a crumb, the eye shadow can be blind well.

And I've used:

* Alverde "Taupe Harmony Quad"
* Alverde Duo Highlighter
* Alverde baked Rouge "Copper "* Yves Rocher
Volume Mascara
* Nivea Lipstick Satinette"


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