Saturday, February 12, 2011

Making Love - Vedeo Clips

Made-Me-Month-February: Day 12

Day 12 Only yesterday. It's nice having you liked my outfit. As you can see the picture, I love striped stockings and find so you can make any simple ensemble more interesting.
And yes, my jewelry shown is completely homemade. This is the yield of a number of years.

But now to this day. I was just catch a bite. I think a few of my fellow man, I have met have become with my green frog sight really awake. Hiding is not the color :-)

The jacket I finally changed in the course of this action and the bell shape somewhat moderate. Also, I have finally the lapel stitched corners, because they are always folded.

Now comes the Rock, which has annoyed me for days. After about 8 times again aftrennen of pages, as developed through the pockets of bumps, which I did not clear. Now it's one eye and the damn thing is now so! The skin color out there!

why I like these skirts with pockets - it's also translucent.

One of my favorite crochet chains and strung beads


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