Monday, February 28, 2011

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Me-Made-Month-February: Day 28

Day 28: Fiinaaale!
After a complete Nähwochenende, I can still show you something new.
I'm ready! Nanette from Ottobre 5 / 2010.
has cost me a lot of nerves, but now the jacket is worn.
I have expert at the try (still without food) intended, it is a bit far ... Error, although now I staggered studs packed crisp.
also would hem and sleeves may be longer.

wear this, I think I made the hat out Hutworkshop

First of many thanks to Catherine for the action. It was so much fun, even if it was in the final phase a little tiring ... :-)
least I did it in 25 of 28 days to show you something.
morning, it is at this point more on the subject

This way, as always, to the other ladies


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