Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lime Green And Black Suit

Rouge by Penny!

In my Penny is around the corner there and decorative cosmetics. Lipstick, nail polish, eye shadow, and so interesting for me because I buy so I prefer something from the Basic Schlecker next door, or drive the 10km to the dm. On my last purchase Penny at any rate, was again a continuous line, and only one cash register open. Great! While waiting for my eyes swiveled in the bargain bins at the cash register, and this is the make-up series described above. Each part of € 0.50. Hach, reduced .... We'll see ... Oh, a duo Rouge ... for 0.50 €? Bought! For the money is not much broken ....

I was and am pleasantly surprised. For the price it is really a bargain. The Blush is quite matte and shimmers only a minimal ... It is well pigmented, and even after hours of highly visible. I do not know if there were other colors, for me there was only one thing, "Pink Satin". The included brush is in my opinion, quite well. It is soft, and does really good color, apply the rouge is so great. And because I consider it the price was so beautiful, I'm Loss again and got it for my Mum also brought. if you have a penny, find out the make up is also reduced .... it's worth it !!!!!


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