Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Preview: New Essence LE "Whoom Boom!"

, just discovered in the mail box: The preview for the new Essence Whoom Boom! " Le, which will be available from March to April!

From to April 2011 März does the new trend edition "Whoom! boooomm! "not only proper color to the game, but remembers with extravagant Products and exceptional silk-screen design to the best-known art form of the World: The Art Pop! The vibrant colors of the new essence Whoom! boooomm! products help to create a lot of styling inspiration. Because, no matter whether the scene Party or the shopping trip with best friend: This variety of colors brings the most creative looks in the trendy pop-art style. As with Roy Lichtenstein or Andy Warhol pop colors are easily combined with strong gray and black tones to conjure up a make-up of extra-(vagabonds) Class!

Colourful, intense and expressive: How are the new eye shadow! Whether in green, purple, pink and sand - these highly pigmented eye shadow colors, the eyes get really shine. Applied alone or in combination with another pop color, eye make-up is guaranteed to wow factor. Available in 01 chacalaca, 02 andy, you're a star, 03 and 04 you've got the art roy's red. 1.59 € *.

Kawoom! The cream eyeliner palette with four colors offers spectacular styling fun deluxe for all trendsetters. Thanks to its creamy texture is achieved with the included mini-brush in the palette is protracted and perfectly drawn eyeliner. Intense moments can look at this not long in coming .... Available in 01 Kawoom. To € 2.99 *.

self Marilyn would be speechless. ... For with this exceptional lip glosses the sweetest lip service even easier to flit through the lips. Depending on the mood changes the color - from blue to pink or yellow to pink. Available in 01 marilyn muse and 02's roy red. To € 1.99 *.

Pop Art for the Nails: Nail polish say four expressive colors to the drab winter gray announce final Spring Comes Spring and trendy styling. Even Andy Warhol would have given this cool range of colors became jealous. Available in 01 chacalaca, 02 andy, you're a star, 03 and 04 you've got the art roy's red. By 1.79 € *.

not only a stylish eye-catcher, but also an indispensable companion for the road: The mini files in the cheerful pop art design in the small box-to-go kept perfectly at all times ready for a spontaneous styling mission. Available in 01 POW WOW. 1.59 € *.

Let's talk nails! That is the motto of the new, self-adhesive nail stickers. Funny speech bubbles and cool designs give your nails the ultimate spring outfit Pop Art look! Simply stick and spread the positive sense of pop art in the world. Available in hey ya! To € 0.99 *.

This LE is this time so not mine. Reminds me somehow of the "Cute as Hell" and "Show Off". Too gaudy, too fussy, too colorful. for you what is this??


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